Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Goodness! (There are a lot of taco trucks in Seattle)

Sorry for the angle Andy - Had to stay outside the gate with my kid!

No less than three times did Andy Lum's poor cymbal try to escape off the edge of the stage from the relentless beating it received at the recent My Goodness outdoor show in Seattle at Volunteer Park on May 4th.

Despite some significant technical issues (what monitors?), Joel Schneider and Andy Lum dished out plenty of their kind of bluesy punk rock to a local crowd of several hundred sun-drenched and beer and taco-fueled onlookers.

Relying on a solid framework of well practiced songs off their self-titled debut album, they wove in several new songs off their upcoming album. The pair have recently been in the studio recording and their recent shows have given them the opportunity to test out new tunes on thier dedicated group of fans - and judging the crowd's response at this show - on a whole new group of fans.

My Goodness has been on a steady climb out of the Seattle post grunge music scene since they formed. They developed a fairly widespread group of fans quickly (basically everyone who heard them), but last year's departure of original drummer Ethan Jacobsen left some suprised and wondering the future of the band. However Andy Lum has stomped on in and firmly established himself as an incredibly talented and energetic musician who has given the band new breath before they had exhaled, propelling them even higher.

Imagine Keith Moon sitting in for John Bonham.

Joel has a knack for pulling the heavy hitters out of Seattle.

Andy definitely brings a new element to the band, as evidenced by the duo's recent re-imagining and re-recording of two songs off the band's debut album, "Cold Feet Killer" and "I've Got a Notion", now available for download on iTunes. There is more ground covered than your typical freshman to sophmore growth. Joel has added to his original overdriven riffs - but not overwhelmingly. It seems just right.

My Goodness has become known as a band whose live show is not to be missed. Quiet and soft-spoken until that first chord, then they demand attention, thier volume far beyond thier numbers. They drawn people in with a driving rhythm then step back - just enough - before hitting you hard with everything they have. Many bands are loud, few can be delicate when they need to be, My Goodness does, and leaves just enough room to keep Joel's lyrics from getting lost in the mix. And Saturday's open air venue proved they don't need to be in a small room to do it.

May 4th marked the third annual taco Truck Challenge (and 5k run?) hosted by Seattle radio station 107.7 The End. Yes, there is an annual taco truck challenge. And there were lots of taco trucks there. But I endured a three hour drive with a nine year old for one purpose - and it wasn't tacos.

My Goodness didn't disappoint, only left me yearning for their next full length album release, which I am assured is coming! In the meantime I am held over by their re-releases, a very rough bootleg of the first performance featuring Andy at the Bunk Bar in Portland, and several brilliant music videos available on YouTube directed by the wonderfully talented Jon Meyer.

Recent performances at SXSW and having their music featured on tv shows like Shameless and NCIS: LA, surely indicate their increasing foothold on a national level (International? Rumors of a European engagement are circulating). They are definitely a band to watch.

Better Call Your Mother, these guys are here to stay.

We left Seattle fully saited - and it wasn't just all the tacos.

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