Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Big Deal- "JUNE GLOOM"

Someone broke into my car recently- smashed the window, stole my Nook, a case full of art supplies, some notebooks... and they went the extra mile by ejecting the CD that was in the player and stealing it too.

That CD was the forthcoming release by dream-pop duo Big Deal, and I am super pissed.

Seems like this UK duo is quietly building steam. A lot of people are excited for this record, and I can see why. The band sounds much larger than just two people, with nice lush sound. Casual listeners will be forgiven comparison to The Xx, but Big Deal's close harmonies are much easier on the ears- this is music to make out to on a porch, or crank on a midnight drive up the coast, not plot a murder or a seduction.

At the moment I only see UK dates on their tour schedule, so check them out if you are on that side of the pond. June Gloom comes out June 4th, and you should definitely pick this one up. Just don't smash someone's window to get it.

Listen to first single "Dream Machine" and see for yourself. Get ready to have an awesome summer!
Photo courtesy Big Deal's Facebook.

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