Saturday, January 12, 2013

Manhattan Murder Mystery tonight and tomorrow!

So it's part of being a blog editor- and a grownup- that you have to realize that your personal tastes are not for everyone.  Take LA band Manhattan Murder Mystery- I really hate their music.  It's not that they're that bad, I just don't like their music.  But....their keyboardist, who reached out to CIMTB, was very earnest and polite, and as you know that goes a long way. Also, I just felt like a lot of people out there would like their music.

So... 3M (hello trademark infringement!) is playing 9 PM tonight at Slabtown, with Shitty Weekend, Juicy Karcuss, and Mythological Horses.  They're also playing tomorrow night at the Kenton Club, lineup to be announced.

Sorry for the short notice, but I was knocked out of commission by that norovirus that all the kids are getting.  Look, I know you guys want to be cool like your friends and indie music blog editors, but- DON'T CATCH IT.

Anyway, go see Manhattan Murder Mystery and enjoy your weekend!

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