Monday, January 7, 2013

Clyde Curley "RAGGEDY MAN" reading 1/10

Clyde Curley is not only my former English teacher- he's now a first-time novelist. This is pretty exciting stuff, and not just because I have a connection with him.  Raggedy Man is set in Portland, and without any of that foofoo Grimm shenanigans.  You  know I love it when novels are set in Portland- two of mine sure are!

Clyde is also a veteran Portland musician.  If you've had any exposure to the ceili/contradance/Irish folk music scene in Portland over the past few decades, then you've probably seen Clyde's beatifically bearded mug reelin' out with his bad self on mandolin, guitar, violin, or otherwise.

I hope to be doing an interview with him on Friday for the podcast- I'll be asking about the book, his music, and all of that.  Thursday, though, you should swing by O'Connor's Vault (next to Annie Bloom's Books) in Multnomah Village.  There will be readings from the book, music, and I hear tell they serve some good food and drink.

Raggedy Man reading with Clyde Curley

7 p.m., Thursday, January 10, 2013
O’Connor’s Vault
7850 SW Capitol Highway, Portland, Oregon 97219
Located in Portland’s Multnomah Village, next to Annie Bloom’s Books

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