Saturday, July 2, 2011

Denver's Adorable "Kissing Party" Summer Tour Hits the NW

Kissing Party, from Denver, offer pure pop pleasure in 2 minute increments. Tight rhythm section, catchy pop hooks, a spattering of glockenspiel, and lovely boy-girl harmonized vocals. They're on tour this July in anticipation of their third release, Waster's Wall, coming out this fall.
They're playing Portland's Knife Shop July 12. For those of us outside the area, they're playing the Visual Arts Collective in Boise on July 6, New Frontier in Tacoma on July 8, and two Seattle dates, Funhouse on the 11th and the Comet on the 13th (Where I plan to be, celebrating my birthday.) If you happen to be in SLC, they're playing a house show there on the 14th. My recommendation: check them out. After all, I emerged from grad-school enforced blogging hiatus to tell you about it.
Also, here's a video.

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