Thursday, July 7, 2011

Album Review: Seven Stars by John Amadon

An old friend of mine, John Amadon, got at me about a month and a half ago with a new album of pop oriented rock (Power Pop I suppose) that's been in pretty constant rotation at my house ever since. John spent the last couple years crafting these songs and plays the bulk of the instruments here while finding just the right side-men to fill out the sound, which comes out being very lush and well crafted. People always want to compare the sound to Elliott Smith, and while I do see where they're coming from with that, I think that John's achieved a sound that's much more his own here, tinged with Neil Young-ish overtones and laced with a sort of reverence for George Harrison and the sound of middle-era-Beatles. It's evident from the first listen that he approaches songwriting not just from the lyrics and guitar, but builds melodies and complete songs creating some pretty catchy business in the end.
John told me that he's already in the studio working on the next album and that it's going to carry a much more stripped down, less polished tone, which I'm also looking forward to hearing.

Check it out at and iTunes and such.

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