Friday, June 24, 2011

Ron's Picks: Baby Teardrop's X Is For Love

The Baby Teardrop's are, without a doubt, one of the finest acts to grace the indie music scene this year.  Their sound is exactly what you might expect to hear from a modern marvel these days.  Yet, they are so truly original, they might just become your favorite band with zero reasoning, but a total assurance that this little threesome from NYC has impacted your ear buds in a huge way!

With the release of their debut album, X Is For Love, we find The Baby Teardrop's in a final solidification of a group that has teeter totter on the brink of existence for a few years.  Coming together as three, this album showcases their ability to produce harmonized and melodic interpretations of indie rock as we know it today.  From love ditties like "ME Where", to grunge inspired manifestations of the distinct, and somewhat disturbing, realities of this cold music business (see "Think It, Look It, Act It, Become It").  This is an album that has everything you could ever wish for, and all from an extremely solid band of modern pioneers.

Baby Teardrop's debut album, X Is For Love was released last April.  You can find the album on their website,

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