Monday, June 27, 2011

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Monday June 27th

Hello Dear Readers,

Oh my goodness. It has been a hot second since I have blogged. I have been in a bit of a transitional period in my life. I was gone for a long time on practically back to back tours with Y La Bamba and then recorded most of an album with that band. Then I went to my hometown and helped move a certain special person from Sacramento to Portland. Anyway, I am back am. I haven't seen too many shows. I caught most of the show at Bar Bar's Saturday outside deal, though. Mike Midlo of Pancake Breakfast was great. He pulled out a lot of "cowboy covers". This included a few by Willie Nelson. I always forget that I really like some of Willie's songs. But I am getting side tracked. Today is the first day I have made any attempt to get back to a regular schedule. I started late (naturally), but it is Monday so there aren't that many shows. Here are the ones that look good:

The White Eagle is having a show with Chris Robley & The Fear of Heights, The Dimes, and Sarah Jackson Holman. Apparently while I was away Chris Robley and company have been doing a residency at the White Eagle. If you are a fan of pop music that is well crafted and polished to perfection, you will be very pleased with all of the bands playing tonight. Chris Robley is someone that has been on my radar. He is hard to describe and tends to follow the muse wherever it leads. That leaves an output that is eclectic and hard to describe. Sometimes it is acoustic sounding. Other times it is straight ahead pop. Sometimes is grandiose. Sometimes it is very intimate. Most of the time it is at a place in-between. The Dimes make tunes that are really sweet sounding. I have never seen them, but their recordings are filled with pretty sounding doubled vocals. The guitars are acoustic, but this is no acoustic songwriter music. This is feel good pop. Sarah Jackson Holman plays a piano and sings. And she does an exceptionally good job doing so. She has apparently been playing since seven which makes her young age a little more bearable. I mean she has been at it for a while. She put out her debut album on Expunged records (they discovered Blind Pilot, remember?). I think that she usually has some people to help her flesh out the songs when she plays live. Y La Bamba played a show with her once. It was good. The best part of the show is the price. FREE. It all starts at 8:30 PM.

Valentine's is having a show with Drew Grow & The Pastors' Wives, Them Hills, and Duover. Drew Grow is a hard worker. Last year he put out no less than three releases. It wasn't so long ago that he broke his body real bad. But he was back on the road before what seemed humanly possibly. I have had a soft spot for his music since I first saw him perform with his Pastors' Wives a few years back. It is great and must be seen live to fully appreciate how well these people play together. Them Hills are a indie pop band from Nevada City that I swear I have heard of before but can't place how or when. They must have played here before. I really enjoy what I have heard. I think it will appeal to fans of the Wrens. If you like that band you will know why. If not then I will just say that the band uses noisy guitars in a very pretty way. I have not seen the duo of Duover in a long time. I have seen them several times before and enjoy their acoustic pop goodness. It is an impressive example of what two people are capable of doing when they put their efforts together. They are also pretty cute together (sorry, but it had to be said). The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

If you see me at any of these shows please say, "hi". That would be nice.


Is it just me or does this remind you of Iron & Wine? Anyways, The Dimes play at The White Eagle Tonight.

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