Friday, December 31, 2010

Sounds Illustrated: DoublePlusGood Plus...

Howdy Crappeteers!

It's been a long time since I've added any so-called content to this blog. Luckily, Erik Carlson of dance pop duo DoublePlusGood invited me to check out a sweet music/fashion show at Backspace way back in early December, hereby prompting me to make another Sounds Illustrated post. So here goes:

The night's entertainment featured Jeffrey Jerusalem soundchecking:

And then delivering some conga-laced disco-concrète accompanied by vibrant computer-animation loops.

Between sets, models clad in garb from local Portland designers strutted across the venue. I was not able to capture any of this in sketch form and am thus forced to hang my head and drawing-hand in shame. But I can say that the collections featured evening-wear fashioned out of recycled magnetic tape, silver-sequined shoulder-bags, lots of neutral colors, and low-slung fashion/utility belts.

Natasha Kmeto followed with a set of dense, trance-y R&B which equally showcased her smooth vocals and visceral, throbbing beats.

DoublePlusGood finished off the night with their fantastically danceable amalgam of glitchy indie electro-pop and sparkly, melodic top 40 gloss.

And on a rather different note (genre-wise), here's an apocryphal sketch of local folk legend Michael Hurley playing with the band Ida at Mississippi Studios on October 24th, which I didn't get around to scanning until just recently. Enjoy!