Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Denton, Texas: my Crappy Indie Music home away from home!

Rubber Gloves Recording Studio is located in beautiful Denton, Texas.

I made two new awesome friends! Pictured below are Hunter Braasch a future PDX resident/bike mechanic (make friends with him now and when he moves here he will fix your bike!) and Caleb Hensley aka Chopper future PDX resident and heavy metal lord (send him links to your favorite Portland Metal bands and shit!):

This is the bar inside of RGRS:

This is a booth inside of RGRS:

This former members of Austin,Texas band Big Bear, Adam Steinfink and Nick Warrenchuk standing across the street from RGRS:

I don't remember what band I went to go see but it was fun. I was reminded how cool it is to see an all ages show. Duh! Portland Crappy Indie Bands need to gear up for when the OLCC hopefully reverses their gay rules about serving booze and all ages shows. I bet you won't even know what hit you when you play for a group of kids who think you are rad! I am happy to have experience the glory of Denton, Texas.


Anonymous said...

happy to see you had a good time in texas. welcome back home!


ben said...

RGRS brings back so many memories. I actually saw those two perform under the name "(it happened)" back in the day.

saintgoldie said...

I can not believe I used the word gay... that sucks.

Ben Meyercord said...