Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blogs: My Indie College or How I learned to love SEO Chicks

Blogs are a dialog! For an example of what I mean please go to this link and read the blog and the following comments!: Example of Why Blogs are Awesome

"SEO Chicks: The SEO Blog with attitude" taught me AND provided an awesome learning environment for me.

I woke up this morning to find I had a new subscription post in my Google Reader file titled "Google Blog Search: Crappy Indie Music". I subscribe to that particular Google Blog Search so that I can see if anyone is blogging about something in my blogs' department.

And the Google Blog Search did it for me. They sent me a link to the article that somehow used the words "crappy indie music" in the text or tagged "crappy indie music".

I woke up. Got all excited and opened the article up. Read it. And then posted a really articulate and wise response to what this chick had written*.

And then I got a response about what I had written.

And then I left another comment.

And then got another response.

Please, for entertainments sake. Go to the link I provided. You will read a real dialogue between two complete strangers and find out for your bad self how you can use blogs to promote, directly or indirectly, your beautiful self. AND LEARN COOL STUFF FOR FREE!!! (woot woot, raise the roof!)

And like this work of art:

It really blows my mind!


* Like I always do. Don't hate.**
***not, psyche, etc...


tbone said...

interesting isn't it

tbone said...

now i need a search tool for your blog, there's too much content to navigate, i want to google gchild site

Ste. Goldie said...

that is a great idea! i will see what i can come up with!