Monday, April 1, 2013


Somehow I totally forgot to plug this, and I can't even believe it.  My friend and editor Garrett Cook recently took the helm of a UK literary journal, Imperial Youth Review. I was tapped to face off with co-editor Chris Kelso in a "good reviewer/evil reviewer" series of columns. You can guess by history here at CIMTB which side of the equation I was on.

You can buy the print edition of issue 1 here, and it features my first column "Florence and The Machine Are Objectively Bad." There's lots of other great content too. Here's a sample:

What’s the verdict, then?  I am a proponent of liking what you like, and not being ashamed of it.  Discovering that I was able to enjoy things without irony, without them being a guilty pleasure, is one of the formative experiences in my life as both artist and critic.  So how can that jibe with the vitriol I’ve been slinging so far?  Well, hey... you can listen to Florence and the Machine if you like them.

You’ll just be dead fucking wrong.

Also, check out the Imperial Youth Review blog. In a moment of inspired insanity Garrett has allowed me to embark on a strange musico-literary project, a dark thing that perhaps should not have been, a little thing I like to call "Every Steely Dan Song Ever." I'm going through every Steely Dan song in order and writing microfiction inspired by the tunes. It's fucking weird, if I do say so myself.

Check it out, everybody... you'll love it!

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