Monday, November 5, 2012

Upcoming shows: Crushed Out 11/8, Indigo Girls!! 11/9

Gratuitous picture of Syd Barrett.  Is he seeing Emily play?  Is he watching you poop?

Propeller has steered me towards some good upcoming shows.  Thanks Angela!

November 8- Super peppy Brooklyn duo Crushed Out will be here at PSU on Thursday, and their new album Weigh You Down drops tomorrow!  Check out their new single, as featured on Rolling Stone!

November 9- Two shows.  Sorry, you're gonna have to choose.  Unless you can teleport.  In which case, call me.  I have some stuff I need to do.

First up- Jonny "Corndawg" Fritz at the Crystal Ballroom, with Devil Makes Three.  JCF is an old school country balladeer.  He'll be coming back later this year on tour with rockabilly pioneer Wanda Jackson, so if you miss him Friday, meet me at that show!

Next- and this is very exciting- the Indigo Girls are at the Schnitz on Friday.  They've gone with a couple of hot arrangers- Sean O'loughlin and Stephen Barber- and will be deploying those new arrangements with the Oregon Symphony, with an acoustic set to follow.  I'm sending new blogger Jessica to cover this gig, and she'll be interviewing the Girls as well, so look for that!

Awesome!  Now teleport me back home, I'm ready to eat some chicken soup.

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