Saturday, October 13, 2012

BAT COUNTRY!!!!!!! Chicken In Black edition

Videos. We love our goddamn videos.  Get ready for some more

Cool story, bro.

 I expected something a little edgier the way this band described themselves.
Good stuff, but consider my disappointment a "crushing blow."

 Crash Avenue really really really wants me to watch this video from Wickerbird.
Hmm. Good thing I did.

 Local cats Melville are having a show at Mississippi Studios.
Friday, October 19th. Be there!

 Here's something from Maxwell Powers.
You had me at "cyborg pop".

 Here's a very cool video. S
eriously though, 2PPM. "2 People Playing Music?" facepalm.jpg

 Does anybody remember Captain Caveman?
Apropos of nothing, that is.

 That's all the videos for now. I will let you in on a little something... Jesse Studenberg (of PDXPopNow! and formerly Point Juncture WA) let me have an advance listen of his new project Bazillionaire. I think you kids are gonna like it.

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