Saturday, April 14, 2012

SUSURRUS STATION- Antinomie, out April 17th

It's satisfying to know that there are serious artists in your town.  There are plenty of people who just throw crap against the wall and occasionally some of it sticks, becoming art.  I count myself in that musical category.  Now, for this review I must admit that there is some history.  I reviewed Aio Records' artist Pikara on the very first installment of Turn My Headphones Up! and while intrigued, was not convinced.  Their next was perhaps an even bigger disappointment, at least from what their debut promised for a followup.  It's worth mentioning that Pikara and Susurrus Station are fundamentally the same band, and indeed all of Aio Records exists as some permutation of Pikara frontwoman Sara Johanne and her music partner Jason Breeden.

So what's in a name?  Plenty.  We know from philosophy the dark hold that the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis has over modern understanding, kicking everyone's ass- positivist and deconstructionist alike.  Calling the band "Susurrus Station" instead of "Pikara" affects more than just jaundiced critics.  I would posit that having the project be a "band" instead of "solo effort" has resulted in an altogether different starting place for the artists involved, a certain freedom from expectations both internal and external.  It's this freedom that makes me think the albums's title is inappropriate- perhaps Anomie would better serve.

Drunken philosophical rambling aside, I'm sure my faithful readers are wondering one thing- how's the music?

It's here that I'm proud to say that it's great.  Antinomie is infinitely more focused than Constellations, and seems to be the mature followup I was hoping for after Pikara.  It's hard to know what to compare it to other than itself, but I might put forward that Susurrus Station are a decidedly non-twee indie folk version of their fellow Swedes, The Knife.  The production is airy, wide open in the right places, with a few lush left field excursions that keep it interesting.  It's maintained a strong presence on my listening rotation since I got the review copy.

Verdict- buy it.  Antinomie is out April 17th.  Qualification- buy it, and go the release show at Valentines, also April 17th.

Susurrus Station ~ Antinomie from ÅIÖ Records on Vimeo.

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