Friday, January 20, 2012

Help me record a HAUNTED ALBUM!!!

photo by Anthony Georgis

Hello everyone, long time no see!  I've been busy with vacations, writing, working, parenting... all the good stuff.  So of course there is a backlog of music submissions and such.  I'll get right on it.  No, really.  And I do have some great things to bring up, but first...

Help me record a HAUNTED ALBUM!!!

From my indiegogo page, here's a little background on the project:

When was the last time music moved you?  It probably happens all the time.  But when was the last time music scared the hell out of you and made you afraid to go to the bathroom at night?  IN YOUR OWN HOUSE?  I would like to spread fear and confusion to a jaded populace, and give them something to play at their Halloween parties that isn't "Monster Mash" or "Ghoul, You'll Be A Woman Soon".  Instead, we'll have songs about and manifesting the spirit of some of the creepiest locations in the world... AokigaharaPripyatThe Lalaurie House, and more...

What We Need & What You Get

To be perfectly honest, my recording facilities suck.  I prefer to run lean, like a thief in the night, but that won't be enough for this project.  I mean, I could just sneak into an abandoned warehouse with a length of rebar and a dictaphone- actually, that sounds like a really good idea.  Maybe I'll do that.  BUT IT WON'T BE ENOUGH FOR MY GRAND VISION!!!  To really evoke the dark presence of haunted locations, I'm going to be getting some electronic percussion (to use as a midi controller to "play" my locations), some better microphones and audio equipment to do field recording, and whatever is left will be used to buy random crap that I will hit with a hammer. Come to think of it, I may need to buy a coupla hammers as well.

Now, I really want to do something unique and original.  So, apart from cool, normal stuff like downloads, physical copies, thank-you notes, etc., I have put in the very top support bracket a slightly weird opportunity- I come to your house, set up my stuff, and record the ambient life (or unlife) of your living space.  I will then take what I find and plug it into reverbs and sampling and PLAY YOUR HOUSE on a song.  Okay- and if that wasn't creepy enough, I will then either haunt your house or unhaunt it using a special ritual.  How's that for supporting the arts!?!?!

Other Ways You Can Help

Now, I'd love it if you could help financially, but if you can't, I'd appreciate you getting the word out there.  Indiegogo has some great sharing options, please avail yourself of them. And of course, if you happen to live somewhere haunted and want to send me creepy audio clips, I will most certainly not turn them down.  If I use your audio you will of course receive credit and I will probably give you a download.  Because I am super nice.

I am really stoked about this.  You have no idea.  The inspiration for this hit me the other day, and I'm excited all the time. It's going to be awesome, and I hope you can help.  Portland peeps- do not miss out on the affordable top tier of support.  It's a really unique opportunity.

Thanks for reading, everyone, and I'll be back soon with more reviews and snarky criticism.  Here's a little taste of the project, a little live-ish piece I did with my daughter.  Pretty rough, obviously, but thus the funding campaign.  Bye!

Dyatlov Pass Incident by DJFalsifier

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