Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TURN MY HEADPHONES UP... "Run and tell that" edition

Crikeys, I've been so busy interviewing fancy people that I've forgotten all about my portion of submissions that are slipped under the crack in the door in the wee hours of the morning.  So as is my wont, I'm going to start working backwards and letting you know what's up. Unfortunately, since I'm in a really bad mood I'm going to be super critical of everyone.  You know, I only pick on you because I love you.

RAW MOJO- "Submission"
From left: Herp, Derp, Hurr

First dip in, already Raw Mojo have pissed me off.  They submitted music and didn't give it any sort of title.  I mean, seriously... everything I do ends up with an epic title even if it's just a bass groove I lay down for future musical cannibalism.  It takes like two seconds to click on a random wikipedia article and name your goddamned ep.  They also gave me a "sounds like" description that truly boggles the mind:

Sounds like: The band is still new but has drawn comparisons with the likes of The Breeders, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, EARLY Motley Crue, Joan Jett, Nirvana, The White Stripes, Rush, Metallica, Hole, Ozzy, The Donnas, Robert Johnson, Diamond Head, and Girlschool 

See what I mean?  Bonus points for throwing Diamond Head in there, but Robert Johnson?  News flash, kids.  YOU DON'T SOUND LIKE ROBERT JOHNSON.  You sound like, oh, I don't know... Dead Moon.  Or something.  What is my honest take on their music?  It's so okay.  Good enough, but I have the feeling their heart is really not into it.  Look at the guy in the blue shirt's face.  He really would rather be anywhere else.  Word to the wise: if you're going for oldschool RAWK, then you had better fucking mean it.

Christ, why is everybody on the right always smoking?
Fuel Box are, as I am told by their very professional press kit, a Dutch soul act.  Now, despite their shiny exterior, they also committed the cardinal sin of presenting some interesting hypothetical sounds like:

Our music style? Kind of a dark blend of dub(Lee Perry), hip-hop(Madlib), soul(Bill Withers/Prince) and pop(eeeh...Maroon5)

They are right on with that last comparison.  I know Maroon 5 is the last thing most people would admit to liking, but I've always thought that some of their stuff was good for what it was.  And those songs of Fuel Box's that sound similar are decent.  It's when they cut loose a bit with the crazy delays that Fuel Box starts to shine.  Deeper in the depths of their press kit is revealed that "they generate a sound that is best described as if a 60s soul singer and a latter day hip-hop producer cut an album together in 70s Jamaica."  Well, no, not really.  It sounds as if a 2000s soul singer and a former indie rocker cut an album together in a modern studio.  Which turns out to not be half bad.  I enjoyed Fuel Box, and I think as they get out on the road and shake off some of their pop sheen they will be a band to watch.

BARRY ADAMSON- "Destination" single

Oh hell yeah.  Looks like my boy Barry is coming out with a new live album soon.  Our dear friends at Central Control dropped this tantalizing taste with us, and it finds Adamson in more of a rock mode than some of his most recent efforts, which is just fine.  Remember, this is the guy who kept (for a few albums at least) Nick Cave's music from completely sucking.  Shit, that's like pushing on a wall and slowing the rotation of the earth.  Yay Barry!

ODDEPOXY- "forthcoming album"
We've got rust ass jeans, son, don't you know?
Well, I have to say that I hate this band's name but love their music.  And they are fucking geniuses.  They're about to write their next album, and starting November 3rd we are going to get to watch the process live on justin.tv. Now that shit is creative.  Having written and recorded an album in the month of November, I will say that it's hard enough to just do, but to let every troll out there watch you do it is brave.  Bravo, sirs.  Oddepoxy's kickstarter can be found here, go help 'em out!

TENDER FOREVER- "Where Are We From" EP
From our friends at K Records comes French artist Tender Forever, who also has a kickstarter that I think is paying for her to stay in the USA.  Why, back in my day, if you wanted to come from Brittany to the US to rock, you had to pay your own way!  Now get off my lawn.

Anyway, I really like Tender Forever, very sweet and personal seeming.  In the spirit of me being critical, the youtube videos of Tender Forever at the TBA festival are really fucking annoying.  STOP TALKING AND PLAY MUSIC.  And you, down in the front row, stop giggling.  Fuck.

Have a listen to Tender Forever and help her out!

Okay, that's it for now.  I've got plenty more music to review in the next couple of days, and I wouldn't dream of leaving you out, dear reader.  So until then, hide your kids, hide your wife.

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