Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ron's Picks: Black Pussy's On Blonde

It is suffice to say that with a name like Black Pussy, you are probably going to be embarking on a journey with an extremely bad ass group.  Of course, this is a band residing the the fair City of Roses, home to the cult legends Starfucker.  And just as the stars would show, the old 80's hip hop question, "What's In A Name?" is still very relevant.  No matter the stigma, Black Pussy is a group that portrays nothing more than hellride worthy damn genius with speed guitar anthems and piston blowing insanity that is both enjoyable and systematic to chance to have a damn good time.

Black Pussy takes Dustin Hill and a few of his friends away from their regular duties with the thrash core group White Orange, to make some old school road trippin', hardcore songs about weed, crumbling towns, and Indiana chops.  On their stellar initial release, On Blonde, we find a side project that takes a turn for the center lane, and never looks back.  They sound cocaine infused, yet determined to develop a pop worthy sound that can be breast fed to one audience, and then a different one entirely.  Alongside Dustin is Toadhouse Studio founder Adam Pike (also of White Orange) enlightening himself just as Hill has obviously done with this fun and enthusiastic record unlike any blatantly boring shit you have heard recently.

While many avid indie rock listeners might embrace this sort of exuberance as just another way to spend a night fueled up on PBR and lost hope, there is actually a bit in On Blonde for everyone.  It is manic!  It's insane.  It's probably an album you have been waiting to find for sometime, yet were far to chickenshit to extend your ears to something so amazingly insane.  So, how about you lighten up Francis, and learn how to party.  These guys can show you the way.  They'll have you blowing smoke from your ears while juggling chainsaws in the back of a busted up convertible fueled by Jack Daniels doing 90 down Burnside with the intensity of Denis Leary on stage talking about 8Balls.  And who wouldn't want that?

Check out Black Pussy's On Blonde on the group's Bandcamp Page (where they somehow earned a tag of "Fleetwood Mac", which actually makes no sense at all, but definitely intriguing)