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Sometimes it's hard out there to be a blogger.  The other night I had the displeasure to be... let's say, "Schrodinger's Journalist", simultaneously on-and-not-on the guest list at a show, until I collapsed the waveform by getting the hell out of there.  It was all due to an unfortunately Byzantine chain of communication, and while it may have driven lesser mortals to distraction, I am taking a page out of my interviewee's book and chalking it up to "road life."
So, what now?  I interviewed Chris Martin.  I like saying it because it's true.  And no, it's not that one.
Just... settle the hell down, Mr. Martin. 
Dear Crappy Indie Music reader, I have a great opinion of you.  I know that because you are a citizen of  the world and connoisseur of fine things, that you will not mind my playful bait-and-switch, and will be glad that I did not interview... that Chris Martin.  Instead, allow me to present:

JESS: Hello Chris, good to talk to you. So for those who don't know, you're the guitarist and vocalist for IAMDYNAMITE.  Would you consider yourself a "frontman"?  

CHRIS: I would, I guess.  I think of it more like Chris and I are BOTH frontmen (is there a plural for frontman?)  Since there's only two of us, there's plenty of space for us to be both out front

Do you think that's even possible, for a band with only two people?  I doubt the other Chris would be keen on being the "backman".

Yeah, he probably wouldn't like being called that.

Speaking of "other Chris", do you get any grief from sharing a name with the singer from a certain band I won't name, but rhymes with "Goldplay"?

I'm not sure who you're referring to??  Goldclay?  I'm not familiar with them... but I will say that there's plenty of room for Chris Martins in the world.  We're a gentle breed who don't fight much.  You can tell just by the name.  Chris Martin.  It just doesn't sound like an angry person’s name.

I recently talked to David J, who was unaware that there was another David J out there in the world of freestyle poetry... so maybe you won't get crushed under Mr. Paltrow's bootheel.

;) Hopefully!

Let's talk about the band.  I understand that you were originally called "Mahoney".  What's the story behind the name change?  Is there a Police Academy reference hidden there?  

Yes to the Police Academy reference.  We just thought it was stupid and funny to call ourselves "mahoney" and put up flyers everywhere with pictures of Steve Gutenberg dressed in a police uniform.  We were just bored with being in bands and we didn't care and we thought it was funny.  Eventually we changed it into something that was more meaningful to us.    

How did you guys get hooked up with Matt Noveskey?  Your bio says you caught his eye, but our readers demand real, hard facts!  Or at least highly entertaining fables.  

We were always a big fan of Matt's macaroni artwork.  He takes elbow macaroni and makes shapes on construction paper, it's really quite breathtaking.  Stars, ducks, unicorns... really just beautiful.  So when we ran into him at a crafts expo in Reno, we struck up a conversation and he immediately said, "I've gotta produce these guys!"  None of this is true by the way :)

Now, about your music.  You have two members, yourself on vocals and guitar, and Chris Phillips on drums.  That's not a very common configuration- but often very intense when it shows up.  Do you think there's anything particular about it, or just happenstance? Anything particular about it that makes is more intense?

Perhaps.  I mean, you definitely get starker contrasts i think.  There's no layering of multiple instruments, so what you play doesn't get hidden behind all of that.  Everyone hears what you do, kind of unfiltered and maybe more raw because of it.

The first thing I thought of when hearing you kids was energy. Do you think that that high energy emerges from your state as a duo?

Not directly, but we do try to bring high energy.  We just want to move everyone in the room, you know?  

Similarly, how is your songwriting structure affected by that?  I've been in a two-person project, so I know how weird it can get...  

It's different than normal, I guess.  But having limited options makes you more creative, I think.  It helps us avoid adding many unnecessary parts to the songs

Do you feel like a yin-yang or a pie chart?


Tell me about your approach to making your videos.  Was that a natural step for you guys, or did you have to make it happen?

It was a natural step.  We never sought out anyone to make a video for us, we just fortunate to be approached by some cool talented people.  In particular Marty "Lazer" Stano, who's directed a few videos for us.

You're on tour right now with Noveskey's band Blue October.  What is the touring experience like?

It's pretty much play, sleep, drive.  Occasionally you end up at a party or in some crazy or weird situation and chalk it up to the "road life."  But for the most part it's just hanging out with the other guys in the crew and trying to have a great show

What's next for you cats?  What will be hearing about IAMDYNAMITE in the next year or so?  

Touring as much as possible.  Also working on as much new material as possible for the next album, whenever that happens.

Sweet.  It was great to throw some questions at you!  Best of luck!  



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