Thursday, October 18, 2007

Soda Jerks!

Moxie's has a lot of pop and rock! But moxie? Well no. they have stacks of soda and then a bunch of people standing around listening to music.

I guess you can't sell moxie.

Andreah and walked up to the front of the soda pop shoppe and there was a crowd gathered around a guy with really big feet who wasn't wearing any shoes and an acoustic guitar.

We both mused that this guy was probablly from the arts highschool up the street and these were all this friends. We were wrong. He's from Phoenix. His name is Kelly and he just happened to be there. So he asked for and was granted permission to play his crappy indie music for everyone!

people were clapping for him even though he was doing 1 minutes covers of songs that I believe I recognized last night but now do not remember.

here is a picture of him and his 2 friends;

The guy on the right is Kelly! When I told him the name of my blog he said "yeah I do play crappy indie music!" And that is why he gets the shout out because he is at his core crappy indie music all the way BUT he is not full of shit! Yay!

We're From Japan! did infact play but I only got sucked into actually listening to them for about 3 epic songs. Of course they were great but this isn't a reveiw of their show. But here's a picture of them that they DID NOT POSE for and yes it was taken in my signature shaky style.

And for anyone that cares I got the email address of the guy who put the show together (HINT HINT).


Ste. Goldie


ben said...

Did you give said email to a certain boyfriend of yours?

Ste. Goldie said...

Christian Bale does not have the email address.

Andreah said...

The photo of wfj is jfw---just fukin wizardy!
more MOXIE please.