Monday, June 11, 2012


Local Vantucky artists Outer Space Heaters have just dropped their debut EP and I would like to share it with you.  As usual, it's disclosure time.  I did attempt to be their keyboard player, but as I'm sure Adrienne Hatkin would be glad to tell you, I am a soulless critic and I could not hack it.  So I was satisfied with writing a zeerust-y narration for them and remaining friend of the band.

OSH specializes in a very specific blend of space rock and instrumental surf.  No Jan-and-Dean-esque harmonies here- instead just blissfully reverbed ambient spaces and old school proggy surf shredding.  It's easy to lose the concept of groove when dipping into that well- but I am pleased to say that guitarist Chad Van Dyke et al do not ever do so.  Hooray for them, and hooray for us.

ZYGOTE- "00/10"

Okay, well maybe it's not that big a secret.  Zygote is the "abstract, IDM, chillwave... dub/minimal" persona of our dear friend DJStephenR, also known as Architects+Heroes label head Stephen Ruiz.  This sharp gentleman actually looks like this:

And rips shit up like this.  I'll let the music speak for itself, but let's just say you should sit down and find some big ol' piano-painted cans and LISTEN.  Ambient it is not.  Definitely a change from his more uptempo stuff as DJStephenR, but just as welcome.

Architects + Heroes should also have some news about some upcoming shows here in town, and maybe... dare I say it... a LAPTOP BATTLE??!?!?!

TYLER SJOLANDER- "totally not Conway anymore or some shit"

Geez, look at this guy.  So I just met Tyler down in the blighted wasteland known as Redding, California, and he is a pretty cool dude.  I knew by his v-neck shirt that he was a musician, and as it turns out, he plays alt-country.  A lot of people like that sort of music, don't you know?  As it turns out, not only is there a burgeoning indie music scene down in Redding, but also my man Tyler's music is pretty darn good.  He's not with his previous project Conway, but is now striking out on his own and hopefully will be my man in Redding as far as the music skinny goes.

Well ladies and germs, that's it for the moment, but remember- I'm no tease.  So here's your obligatory title-invoked video, so crank your piano-painted cans up!!!

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